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Easy Care Roses

Want to try some “easy care” roses in your garden? The Central Florida Rose Society members have put together this group of suggested “easy care” roses for you.

By “easy care” we mean roses that require less spraying and maintenance than most. Many of our members spray their roses regularly. Others prefer to not use the fungicides, pesticides and miticides that may be harmful to the environment.

All roses may show some signs of Black Spot, Bugs and Mites … these “easy-care” roses just stand up to the diseases and pests better than most. To grow adequately all roses need to be watered, fertilized and mulched. We highly recommend these varieties, especially for new rosarians.


Old Garden Rose, Burbon

Also known as Eugene Marlitt.  Deep fuscia to bright crimson blooms.  Large bush, somewhat sprawly.  Reblooms reliably.  Strong fragrance.  Can be grown without spraying.

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